Self Minting Origyn NFTs - UnfoldVR Guide

Self minting tools have been opened up on multiple blockchains, including on ICP, but a compelling and sustainable solution has yet to be put forward.
With our Butterfly NFT collection we laid the foundation for a complex system of self-minting 3D NFTs that will be at the core of UnfoldVR product line.

We compiled an extensive guide with multiple code snippets from our own Butterfly NFT Collection explaining how you can create your own Self Minting Tool, running on your Canister.

Questions and feedback are more than welcomed!


A Part 2 on this topic is now published on our medium at:

We’ve since updated the Origyn Framework dApps and the new documentation covers the main changes introduced by this update. Also we’re now minting (on our test canister) 3D Drawings not assembled models, like we did in the previous model, for the Butterfly NFTs.

We’re planning to release a full workable template through Boom DAO initiative. If you’re working on something similar and need any insights or help, please reach out!