Sanity Checks of Replica Versions

I have asked the relevant questions

These are repeated here for overall tracking and feedback

A couple of overall suggestions:
(a) We might want to be more specific in context of what we actually voting for. Specifically we are voting for an update to the guestos. In that context, we are NOT verifying IC-OS as a whole.
(b) Secondly and correspondingly, there is NO IC-OS disk image. There is IC-OS guestos disk image.

Now on to release notes,

  1. I have a few questions; based on my findings (which are only related to RunTime for now). How should these be asked? Should I ask them here tagging individual dev? Create an issue in git?
  2. How we verify whether " Various tech-debt management: code refactoring, docs, bug fixes, test updates" have taken place or not?

The summary of my review notes are attached.

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