RoloDEX: Decentralized Directory for ICP

RoloDEX is a self-sovereign directory using ICP security, giving YOU control of your contact information. Users can configure a complete private directory listing, then choose exactly what they want to share with other users or groups. Now you can share sensitive information like your phone number with close friends, but not random social groups. And when you change your info, you don’t have to blast out updates; contacts with access will receive the new data automatically. All backed with Weavechain and ICP cryptography.

Our goal is to showcase self-sovereign data on ICP, as well as how self-sovereignty can actually make processes like contact directories more efficient. I hate sending out updates to my network whenever my address / phone / Email / usernames change, and praying that they update it on their own. Similarly, I hate having to re-enter my contact information in various directories for events over and over again. By owning my data, I should be able to update my copy, and let others update it as needed.

We think that combining self-sovereignty, decentralization, and cryptography is precisely what Web3 is about.

That said, a lot of the logic for our application is actually in a traditional web app! Weavechain lets us seamlessly interact with ICP for the key data flows. This is how we think Web3 apps should be made - like Web2 apps, but with better data.

We’re proud to say that RoloDEX has just launched! We’ll be spreading it throughout Decentralized Science communities to start, and expanding it to a variety of other Web3 communities shortly thereafter.

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