{r}elinkd Digital identity + scores protocol and dapp

Project highlights

Digital identity + scores protocol and dapp. We’re building a decentralized identity protocol, aggregating on-chain and off-chain credentials into the scores for creating trustworthy self-sovereign identity and personal brand profiles.

Web3 advantages

Link in Bio, web3 identity: {r}elinkd offers a combined web2-web3 identity realizing that people exist in different spaces

credentials, KYC, PROTOCOLS: {r}elinkd is a reputation layer that verifies your identity based on a large number of assets and verifiable credentials and allows to mint such assets directly via {r}interface

scores: {r}elinkd focused on building the scoring model that would include the on-chain and off-chain data, but also allow you to verify and mint the credentials that are not yet verifiable

Desoc: {r}elinkd is a reputation layer that allows to build a social graph based on trust, reputation, on-chain, and off-chain activity

How is it built

Current {r}elinkd architecture => ICP score calculating and decentralized frontend, Gitcoin Passport, Polygon ID, Lens, Alchemy

ICP integration tech stack => React, Azle, Rust, TypeScript

Internet Computer superpowers

The main used IC features that make the project unique are:

  1. Decentralized scores - possible thanks to http outcalls which other blockchains do not provide. This allows for the creation of a unique decentralized scores protocol
  2. Decentralized frontend allows for the implementation of an application entirely decentralized starting from smart contracts and ending with a decentralized frontend.

Status of the project

The {r}elinkd team is in the final stages of the third milestone on the ICP developers grant.



Future Plans

We want to implement more complex SocialFi mechanics with an architecture fully implemented on ICP. Use InternetIdentity as a method of authorization.

We want to expand scores and credentials based on ICP Identity, additional ICP parameters, ICP wallets, and ICP user activity within the ecosystem and applications built on it.

As the main goal of our application, we set for ourselves the onboarding into the ICP ecosystem of Web2 users who do not yet have a wallet, as well as existing Web3 users, using their EVM wallet as authorization.


Interesting, do you have a whitepaper for the details, where is the data using for calculating scores and how… Thanks

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That is an interesting topic.
We do SSI with a KYC process from various sources and have built interfaces with Web2 and Web3 interaction to provide credential sets based on a challenge, confirmation, response scheme within a mobile app.
Let us setup a call next week so that I can show you what it looks like.

We are currently within a grant program for ICP to enable a global crowd working platform for AI and data training all done with verified workers. We are using verifiable credentials as certificates to level up the skillset of the workers and we are using reputation oracles for a payment that takes game theory as a way to control misuse.
It is called Jobgrader and @jennifertran is our point of contact but happy to move it further.


Hey, thank you for the comment! Yes, we have a general {r}elinkd whitepaper and ICP integration fits into this overall concept.

Regarding scores, we provide a general explanation in the whitepaper. But so far we haven’t made the calculating scores algorithm public, as it is in a very early beta. At the moment, there is about 25 EVM parameters.

You can also find additional information about ICP integration in our README in the repository.

Hi, Oliver! Very interesting project, sounds amazing! Credentials is a very big part of {r}elinkd. I’ll be glad to schedule a call, can you please send your Calandly

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@luckerninja Sure, let’s jump on a call next week.
What time zone are you in?

@bender42 Great, I’m in the UTC+3 timezone

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