Roadblocks We've Hit Building - The Ultimate IC Voting Power Dashboard

We completed an analysis of voting participation back in Nov 2011 that was published on Medium and discussed on the forum. That article contains a link in Reference 3 to the google sheet that we used to analyze the data that we extracted using PowerBI from the api that was available at the time from a website created by Norton Wang (@wang) called That website no longer exists, but github has an ic-rocks public archive. Norton made a lot of attempts to discover all the unknown neurons from genesis including brute force guess and query, but he also kept track of every neuron ID query that was manually searched on the website by the community. At the time we pulled the data for our analysis, there were almost 17,000 neuron ID’s known to This list enabled us to calculate total voting power than was within 5% of the total voting power reported by the NNS at the time. All of those neuron IDs are listed in the spreadsheet that is linked in reference 3. That spreadsheet still exists. You are welcome to pull the data and merge the neuron IDs with your list.

From proposal 42010 to proposal 86639, I kept track of every vote for every voting member of the known neuron for the Governance topic. Since you are publishing voting history of public neurons and the synapse team (past and present) are the neurons that are populating your public neuron list, I would be happy to share this voting history. Unfortunately, you would have to trust my documentation because this voting history is not tracked by the governance canister past 100 proposals as you indicated. This data was collected manually in a spreadsheet and I cannot guarantee that I didn’t make a few mistakes, but in all cases my records do match the voting history of the synapse known neuron, which is stored indefinitely. It’s fine if you don’t want to use it, but I offer it because I’m proud of how consistently the synapse team has always showed up to vote with their own convictions to support decentralization of ICP. You’d be surprised at how frequently we had split decisions in our voting patterns even though the outcome is all or nothing.

I can’t speak for other known neurons, but I can speak for Synapse and CodeGov.

The neuron configuration for Synapse for every proposal topic is displayed on this web page: - Neuron Configuration. We are committed to voting manually on all Governance and SNS proposals, but we currently delegate our vote to Followees we trust for all other proposal topics.

The neuron configuration for CodeGov for every proposal topic is displayed on this web page: - Neuron. We are committed to voting manually on all Replica Version Management proposals, but I currently delegate the vote to Followees that I trust on all other proposal topics.

This might be a selfish request, but I would love to see you develop a page for Synapse and CodeGov that shows the tally and voting history of our current voting members for the proposal topics where we specialize. I am still tracking our votes manually to make sure we don’t miss a proposal, so having a dashboard with this information would be greatly appreciated. We have always wanted to offer transparency in how we vote to the community, so there is no issue in making this public if you think it is in scope for what you want to achieve with your website. This is why we publish our neuron IDs, but there hasn’t been an app that easily exposes our voting history. It would be awesome if you want to provide this visibility.

Another request would be to allow verifiable owners of public and registered known neurons to add more descriptive information to their respective page. Of course, you can always get information from the registered known neuron proposal, but I’m sure many known and public neurons would love to be able to provide updates. Links to websites might also be nice.

A feature you could build that you may be able to turn into a revenue stream would be proof of ownership of neurons. For the NNS, the “Join Neuron Fund” check box is public information. Hence, you could automate the verification by asking the owner to follow a procedure of joining/unjoining the neuron fund and you could query the status as they complete each step. Only the controller of the neuron is able to change the status of this check box, which is undeniable proof that they control the neuron. Of course, you would know the stake, the dissolve delay, the age, etc for the neuron, which might be valuable for any project that wants to reward the 8YG. Also, you might find that people are willing to pay a small fee for you to verify that their neuron is maximizing voting rewards. This would be easily done by comparing their last 100 votes with the proposal IDs that have recently settled. This reconciliation should easily lead to identification of proposal types where they are not voting. That could be caused by following neurons that didn’t vote or it could be caused by not configuring Followees correctly. Either way, you could easily identify the discrepancy and alert the neuron owner. It seems like people would be willing to pay for this type of service.

Anyway, keep up the good work and thank you for developing this