Ideas for Improving (Triggered) VP Distribution

Hello, friends,

Here are some thoughts I have to improve the distribution of (triggered) voting power:

  1. [Main] Reset following for all genesis neurons, as they did not actively select it.
  2. Create a neuron controlled by a set of dapps, similar to the one on DFINITY.
  3. [Optional] Allocate a percentage of the voting power from (1) to the neuron in (2).
  4. Display voting power and information for each neuron on the NNS page, recommending following neurons with a good reputation but lower voting power.
  5. Establish voting power distribution targets for each year to monitor progress and direction.

Please feel free to provide any feedback that could be helpful or share your own ideas as well. I believe it would be beneficial in the future to have a significant amount of voting power representing dapps (or other actors).



Hello Mr. Sockpuppet, I see you just created your account twenty minutes ago.

Why the constant stream of posts and tweets taking aim at the fact that Dfinity can control the technical upgrades to the IC. It’s absolutely relentless. Of course you want them steering the ship they built, medium term at least. Otherwise you’re opening the door to bad actors, like, you know, the ones that put these ideas into your head in the first place.


This doesn’t help. IMO doing what you’re doing with the SNSs doesn’t help either. We should look for a balance.

(BTW, I enjoyed this AMA of yours We shouldn’t fight each other :wink:)