Retired: - Bounty #51 Rebuild UI for AXON - $3,000

Rebuild UI for AXON - #51

Current Status: Discussion

  • Discussion (03/24/2023)
  • Ratification: (TBD)
  • Open for application: (TBD)
  • Assigned (TBD)
  • In Review
  • Closed

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Bounty Details

  • Bounty Amount: $3,000 USD of ICP at award date.
  • Bounty Acceleration: For each 1 ICP sent to edaa35657e696ec3ca92fc45edf8f7204139adea348d3f3fa17a26dffce8493b, will add .25 ICP to this issue and .75 ICP to fund other initiatives.
  • Developer Type: Individual
  • Opened: TBD
  • Time Commitment: Days/Weeks
  • Project Type: User Interface Design
  • Experience Type: Intermediate/Expert - Tailwind CSS and UI Design;


The proposed Design Bounty aims to rebuild the User Interface (UI) for the AXON application in a Tailwind CSS compliant design template. The current design of the AXON application is not optimized for user experience, and the proposed redesign aims to address this issue by improving the overall UI design.

The redesign will incorporate Tailwind CSS, which is a popular CSS framework that provides pre-designed UI components that are easy to use and customizable. The redesign will also follow best practices in UI design to ensure that the new design is user-friendly, intuitive, and visually appealing.

The proposed design bounty will require a designer who is proficient in using Tailwind CSS and has experience in UI design. The designer will work closely with the AXON contributors to ensure that the new design meets the specific requirements of the AXON application.

Overall, the proposed redesign of the AXON application’s UI will enhance the user experience and make the application more appealing to users. The integration of Tailwind CSS will ensure that the redesign is modern, responsive, and compliant with industry standards.

The current site is built using Next.JS. The developer may choose to switch to svelte or a non-next.js format, but the bounty amount will remain the same.

This bounty gives the opportunity to

  • learn about Axon
  • learn about Tailwind CSS
  • learn about DAO useability and UI design

To apply for this bounty you should:

  • Include links to previous work building web applications and any other open-source contributions (i.e., your Github).
  • Provide a brief overview of how you will complete the task. This can include things like which dependencies you will use, how you will make it self-contained, the sacrifices you would have to make to achieve that, or how you will make it simple. Anything that can convince us you are taking a thoughtful and expert approach to this design.
  • Give an estimated timeline on completing the task.
  • Post your application text to the Bounty Thread

Selection Process

The developer’s advisors will propose a vote to award the bounty and the Developer Advisors will vote.

Bounty Completion

Please keep your ongoing code in a public repository(fork or branch is ok). Please provide regular (at least weekly) updates. Code commits count as updates if you link to your branch/fork from the bounty thread. We just need to be able to see that you are making progress.

The balance of the bounty will be paid out at completion.

Once you have finished, please alert the dev forum thread that you have completed work and where we can find that work. We will review and award the bounty reward if the terms have been met. If there is any coordination work(like a pull request) or additional documentation needed we will inform you of what is needed before we can award the reward.

Bounty Abandonment and Re-awarding

If you cease work on the bounty for a prolonged(at the Developer Advisory Board’s discretion) or if the quality of work degrades to the point that we think someone else should be working on the bounty we may re-award it. We will be transparent about this and try to work with you to push through and complete the project, but sometimes, it may be necessary to move on or to augment your contribution with another resource which would result in a split bounty.


The bounty was generously funded by the DFINITY Foundation. If you would like to turbocharge this bounty you can seed additional donations of ICP to edaa35657e696ec3ca92fc45edf8f7204139adea348d3f3fa17a26dffce8493b. ICDevs will add .25 for every 1 token donated to the bounty. All donations will be tax deductible for US Citizens and Corporations. If you send a donation and need a donation receipt, please email the hash of your donation transaction, physical address, and name to More information about how you can contribute can be found at our donations page.

FYI: General Bounty Process


The draft bounty is posted to the DFINITY developer’s forum for discussion

Ratification: (01/09/2023)

The developer advisor’s board will propose a bounty be ratified and a vote will take place to ratify the bounty. Until a bounty is ratified by the Dev it hasn’t been officially adopted. Please take this into consideration if you are considering starting early.

Open for application

Developers can submit applications to the Dev Forum post. The council will consider these as they come in and propose a vote to award the bounty to one of the applicants. If you would like to apply anonymously you can send an email to austin at icdevs dot org or sending a PM on the dev forum.


A developer is currently working on this bounty, you are free to contribute, but any splitting of the award will need to be discussed with the currently assigned developer.

In Review

The Dev Council is reviewing the submission


The award has been given and the bounty is closed.

Other Bounties

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Currently, working on a few projects in the community but I would like to rewrite the UI for Axon. I have lots of experience building user interfaces and will share my work below. I have many years of working with React but Svelte is better.

My Projects

Relevant Repos:


Grant Project Working on (Github for Designers):


I will adhere to a similar design pattern that I have utilized in my previous projects, DSign and Heartbeat. To achieve this, I will employ Storybook, Svelte, and Tailwind as the primary frameworks for development. These technologies serve as the foundation for creating exceptional user interfaces.

Regarding UX/UI design, it would be advantageous to collaborate with a designer. The initial step involves understanding the project and its objectives, as well as identifying the primary ways users interact with the application to determine the most suitable design that caters to various use cases. Establishing a solid design in collaboration with our primary users is perhaps the most crucial aspect of this process, which we can build upon later.

I attempted to learn more but was unable to access the following link:


2 months

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Hey all! I’ve been working in UX writing for a while now and would be happy to help if there’s anything needed in the content category. I know this bounty specifically calls for a designer but I’m new to the community and just wanted to check if there’s anywhere I can help out.

@cyberowl Are you finished with the file upload bounty? If so I’ll submit this for you.

I have pretty much completed the upload bounty, but I would like to continue enhancing it based on community feedback and by expanding its features. As I discover new ways to improve it, I plan to add user interfaces and demonstrate the scaling of canisters within the UI. Other improvements include file-based permissions, stable storage, and synchronizing changed file chunks. Although the bounty requirements have been met, I am eager to move on to the UI work, as I find this project quite interesting.

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Ok…I’ll move it to review and you are good to go on this one.

Do you have a list of users that I can communicate to get info on their experience with the app.

Who are the Axon contributors and how can I best contact them?

Let me know if you have any updates regarding this bounty. I would love to review the initial designs and product. I mean I looked through the repo but its best to see the prev UI to get an idea of what it wants to accomplish.

This bounty has been retired. More bounties soon!

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