Update to ICDevs Bounty Program

Just a quick update on the bounty program. We have more resources now, but we are adjusting how we denominate our bounties. Some of the ICP we have in the treasury and we can let that float with the market price and offer some upside to longer-term bounties. Some of the other resources we are going to start denominating in USD so that we can determine the number of ICP at the time the prize is awarded. You can see our latest bounties with the updated numbers at: https://icdevs.org/bounties.html.

Open Bounties

  1. React-native agent - 21 ICP + $250 USD of ICP at award date, 9 ICP Match Available

  2. Basic tutorials and site - 20 ICP + $1000 USD of ICP on award date, $500 Match Available

  3. Add Generic DAO functions and interface to axon - 10 ICP + $250 USD of ICP at award date, $500 Match Available

  1. [Bug Bounty]https://icdevs.org(/bounties/2022/01/03/Bug-Bounty.html) - 20 ICP + $500 USD of ICP at award date, Endowment Available

  2. HttpRequest Parser - 10 ICP + $2000 USD of ICP at award date, $500 Match Available

  3. Cover Browser Extention - 10 ICP + $2000 USD of ICP at award date, $2000 ICP Match Available

  4. Motoko Prettier Plugin - $4000 USD of ICP at award date - $2250 ICP Match Available

Some of them have bigger rewards!

With more resources comes the desire for more bounties. Please let me know your ideas.


@skilesare ,

I have an idea for a bounty related to C++.

What is the best way to pitch it?


You can post it here for open discussion or send me a PM on the forum here.

I wonder if anyone is working on the sqlite + stable memory effort.

Sqlite should already work on wasm linear memory. I think the only action item is to make it work on stable memory (not trivial).

That could actually be a huge multiplier on developer velocity. Imagine “SQL on blockchain”. A big deal IMO.