Resolved: Custom domains service degradation: new registrations are not possible at the moment

Hello everyone,

unfortunately, there is currently an issue with the custom domains feature of the boundary nodes, which prevents new registrations from going through. All existing custom domains (e.g., work normally.

We are currently looking into it and will update here as soon as it is resolved. Sorry for the inconveniences!

And the custom domains are fully operational again: You can register new domains again.

For those interested in what happened:
The underlying issue was a breaking change in Cloudflare’s API, which they rolled out this morning. Unfortunately, their Rust crate has not been maintained and was still expecting the old behavior. We had to employ a manual fix and now it is working again.

We rely on Cloudflare to perform the DNS-challenge to obtain the certificate through Let’s encrypt.

Sorry for the short inconvenience!

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