Requesting The Experts: How difficult would it be to port this?

See this Github: GitHub - TeamPiped/Piped: An alternative privacy-friendly YouTube frontend which is efficient by design.

I would like to clone this git code, and put it on a canister. I don’t have much experience, I wanted to get a gauge from an expert on here regarding the difficulty of this endeavor, maybe I will quit while I am ahead.

Someone actually did it before (, and it worked real well, but it seems that Canister is no longer operational.

If it’s just a frontend, and could be served from anywhere - if you could deploy it to GitHub Pages - then it would be zero effort to deploy it to the IC on an asset canister.


I uploaded it to GitHub Pages, and it seems to be giving me the same output as what I had when I attempted to clone the Git and put it on a canister.

There is an Index.html file in that Git code, and thats pretty much all that is shown on the GitHub Page / Canister.


Does this imply that I need another canister for the backend possibly?

The entire project repo itself is not uploaded. The project is built into a website, most likely with npm run build, and then the files in the output directory, most likely dist, are what are uploaded to the website.

I don’t mean to offend, but some amount of web stuff experience is a prerequisite for doing web stuff.

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No worries I have 0 experience in this field, thanks for the explanation, seems too complicated for me

No way, I actually got it working thanks to your advice. I spoke to the owner of that Repo, they said to use yarn install and yarn build, then i took the dist output and put it in an asset canister… AWESOME


Congrats Mathew! This is how legends are born :wink: