Request for Dfinity Foundation to provide statutes that it provided to SAoF

Dfinity Foundation being Swiss Non-Profit must have provided statues to Supervisory Authority of Foundations.

I request Dfinity Foundation to provide those statues to the community here so that we can all be re-assured that Dfinity Foundation values are reflective of our beliefs.

If Dfinity Foundation does not want to provide these statues, could they explain why?

@diegop : can you please take this up?

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:scroll: Handelsregister | Kanton Zürich

@CashBowie is correct. Please note I had no idea where to find any of this info. We asked Legal and this is what they graciously gave us.

To be helpful, I found the direct link:


Thank you for your timely response. Hopefully this will reassure the IC eco-system.

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