Legal & Compliance at Dfinity

Can the Dfinity Foundation setup a Legal,Compliance and Regulation desk at the dfinity foundation. Almost all the serious projects in the ecosystem would need a lawyer’s advice at some point or another in their journey. This cost racks up quite quickly for the projects.

If the foundation can take a step and set up this desk at the Dfinity foundation and provide free/subsidized services to legitimate projects in the ecosystem, I’m sure it would save a lot of time for the devs to focus on building. This will eventually benefit the devs to try out new and innovative ideas without any fear.



Is this ask around Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) licenses, or more general? I’d appreciate such a support as well, especially for pre-investment / bootstrapping protocols which lack the financial resources. Regarding VASP in Europe, unfortunately I couldn’t find a definitive answer, there are conflicting views on the implications of VASP laws. There’s a clear opportunity for law firms to be compensated on equity of future unicorn protocols, imho.

The Dfinity Foundation should consider setting up a Legal, Compliance, and Regulation desk to provide free or subsidized services to legitimate projects in the ecosystem. This would help developers save time and money, encourage innovation, and improve the overall health of the Dfinity ecosystem.