Remote Desktop / Shell / IDE on ICP

Been thinking about a Desktop + Shell hybird concept for ICP.

Imagine anyone can create / access their private “desktop” on ICP, with browser access. It would support easy file-upload like drag&drop just like dropbox for any personal music/docs/files, but also a WASM bash-like shell so you can do light editing / coding js / python etc.


To support the storage / computation, you might some free credit but have to pre-deposit cycles for your canister.

Wonder if that’d be of any interest to ppl here?

You can, but what’s the point of building it on IC? I don’t see unique value proposition here. If it’s just a personally owned private desktop, then you’d be better off using a good old linux instance on cloud.

Once we have an ecosystem of Open Internet Services™️ (soon™️), this could be useful. Something like Jupyter notebook for data analysis.

I think the sole solid reason one would want his/her app running on any blockchain tech is for trustless property. And trustless implies public access. (If it’s for private usage, why would you need trustlessness?).

You could say a shell to interact with IC would be useful, that I’d agree too. But this shell doesn’t have to run on IC, ideally it should just require readonly access to IC internals.

Computation going through consensus protocol is always more expensive than traditional tech stack by definition. It’s simply uneconomic to implement it on IC, that’s my point.

I think soon every user-os will live on the ic and use hardware that has a hardcoded internet-browser.