Dumb question because im dumb

So. Is internet computer an operating system? That lives on unknown networked hardware?
Im trying to wrap my head around in really simple terms.
I get or dont care how things are stored. But maybe i should? Just like i dont care how windows works or stores info, i just want to save my pictures in a pictures folder. Lol

Can you explain for someone who is dumb?
God bless you

Please read this wiki for a better understanding.

I think an operating system for a decentralized network of computers is a pretty good analogy, but the IC takes it a step further by hosting smart contracts, which can run autonomously unlike processes in a traditional OS. This is something that Kubernetes (something often billed as an OS for a data center) cannot do.

Thank you. I really liked the description in the hackathon video.
I tried a practice program using Angela Yu’s Udemy course, and got it to work fine.
However i was concerned with the idea that a canister will need “refilled” by buying more icp token. I couldnt get a read on how expensive it would be to keep a simple program running in a canister? Is it like paying rent?
Also if the cost of icp token increases, will ot get more expensive to host a program?
Thanks in advance.
God bless

It’s similar to web2 where you rent a server. In return, the IC is MUCH cheaper to deploy things to - What costs you a few cents on the IC can easily cost you thousands of dollars on ETH for example.

Computation and storage have constant cost, see here for details. Or this amazing post by @gabe.

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