Recovery phrase created but Identity anchor not recognized

I think that it is best to have a discussion here. I have also observed, anecdotally, about the broad outlines of what you have discussed through some other posts in forum.

I have two internet identity created prior to ledger integration through which I have created a total of 5 neurons, 8 years , non dissolving. For full disclosure, I am really afraid of using Internet Identity because of the discussion here(Internet Identity Lack Of Security) to manage my neurons. I have created an entire system here (GitHub - icdev2dev/sachvo: Manage iND neurons without Internet Identity) to avoid logging into Internet Identity for the purposes of merging maturity and spawning maturity.

The situation that we are discussing in this topic has to do with Internet Identity corruption. Both of my Internet Identities have NOT been corrupted. The only detailed forensic that was conducted, that I am aware about, for the potential of internet identity corruption was here.(My NNS has been stolen,Please help me). There was shown that , IN THAT CASE, the internet identity was not corrupted.

Others who have negative experience first hand might want to chime in as well.