How exactly would Badlands work for existing ICP holders?

I’ve read a lot about Badlands on this forum but not sure I fully grok the implications of it launching. Would it technically be a fork of the Internet Computer with different node specs? I get the sense, from the comments in this forum, that there would need to be some real re-engineering of the protocol in order for that to happen.

Would the tokenomics of Badlands be treated like a normal fork (i.e., a snapshot would occur shortly before the launch of Badlands of all ICP holders that can claim their forked tokens any time?)

Short answer: nobody really knows.


Unpopular post, but realistic.
I would not get too excited about Badlands. Dfinity history have proven they always have a new project tp get investors excited and this strategy work less and less.
At Genesis, they were sending Endorphin project in every media (I can send many links). This was a phone OS based on IC. Small talk here to make it die with dignity.
Few months later, they tweet about Badlands and got people excited, trying to maintain the ICP price at his highest possible. But it kept fading…
Ouppssss… People’s party in November 2021. No more.

To be fair, they have announced Bitcoin integration and are doing it.
When it came to evade taxes, they announced it and did this very quickly.

So, lesson learned. Just wait until it really happen, if it ever happen. If not, you spend time discussing things that have good chances to never happen.


Yeah that has been zero talk about it. So I’m not holding my breath. I just wish sometimes the foundation didn’t announce things like these at all. Just work on them secretly. Once there is something solid then reveal it.

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It is not the foundation announcing things, it is one person, Dominic Williams, who is trigger happy with tweeting.

Yes. This is called: Create value by excitment. But does not work anymore. Not for me anyway. It is a popular strategy in crypto.
Get fooled once, shame on them
Get fooled twice, shame on you!

The foundation is under DW’s order at 100%.
Have you read the anonymous employee and ex-employees rating on the web about Dfinity? Very interesting.
You will get your answer righ there.

I get your point but you’re overcorrecting - Dfinity has delivered plenty for me to be happy in the year since they launched when compared to all the other L1’s I’ve backed. Would rather look at things optimistically then pessimistically, but still appreciate the feedback

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Oh, that does not take anything away for the fantastic tech Dfinity is delivering.
Just think that those excitement only projects are unnecessary and eroding Dfinity’s credibility for no good reasons. There is no doubt that Dfinity have no credibility outside this community. But his growth will depend of that credibility and the outsiders. So doing this is like swimming against the current of the river. It will grow, but will be much harder

Truth be told all those ideas had a poor public reception, so the Foundation decided not to prioritize them:

  • Endorphin: it was freaking dumb, a MASSIVE undertaking with little to no real life benefits and incredibly high risk of failure.

  • Badlands: it was proposed as a separate network with a separate token, which imo is the wrong way to implement it and generally speaking not a great idea to mention a new token when the one you just launched has nosedived.

  • People Parties: not sure tbh why so many dislike it, many don’t even know how they are supposed to work. I like the idea, but the more I think about it the more attack vectors I come up with, so the current design might be a dead end.

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Have you read this article in May 2021 from DW himself? He stated exactly the opposite about Endorphin. So was this really a project or a manipulation article?

And then, the desperate article to boost ICP price. And of course, I can continue like this with many articles but those 2 are enough to understand the picture: Copy and paste this one below to see it

It obviously states the opposite, if Dom thought it was a bad idea he wouldn’t have proposed it in the first place, it was the community that mostly disliked it.

That being said the article is also a bit weird, it exposes a real problem and talks about PWAs as a solution for the most part, don’t see why you’d need a proprietary OS just for that. Besides on Android we already have alternative stores and soon Apple might lose its monopoly on iOS too, so it might become less of an issue.

Overall they were all decent ideas, just too many and too different from each other for a company with limited resources and an already huge scope. The “Russia Propaganda” proposal, now that is something which was almost parodical and looked like a desperate PR stunt.

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1-1 issuance !!!

Bring forth the badlands Dom!