Question about Hosting a front end on the IC

When hosting a front-end on the IC, are we not allowed to have a front-end that features dynamic fields like textBox and dropdown menus?

in simplest terms, can someone explain what the limitations are when Hosting a front-end on the IC

Hi there!

At the risk of seeming out of the loop (better to be honest and admit when I’m lost!)… I’m not aware of any limitations that would inhibit these standard HTML features.

Were these just throwaway examples to get the conversation started (makes sense!) or real limitations you have encountered? (I’d love to know!)

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I’m watching one of the community conversations where Kyle Peacock gives an overview of running a frontend on the IC. He mentioned some limitations and I wasn’t sure if I was interpreting them correctly, which motivated my question here.

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There are some limitations. Let me take a look at the video and I can see which he was referring to or hinting at so I can best answer.

(Caveat: May take me 24 hours to do this. I hope that’s ok. I assume so, since I think you were asking for general knowledge)

Here’s the link. He speaks on the limitations at 5:30. And Thank you! and yes, take your time. theres no rush