Modifying Front End Framework

Hi All,

I’m still quite a novice when it comes to front end development, but I was wondering what changes would you have to make to your canister to change your front end? E.g from JavaScript to flutter? What files need modifications and where?

Any help would be much appreciated!


@andrew_DFN ‘s actually been working on some great frontend templates that you can all use, so they’ll be out soon to help with this and should give you more options.

Essentially the root element you want to grab is an ‘app’ div in an html page you don’t see in your project files (it’s provided by the bootstrap server, see the js user lib files in the dfx cache directory). Any frontend can just repopulate this div, react does it in its DOM render call, or you can inject some html from a file, Andrew’s templates will show you how (Linkedup also does this).


@KevLoui you can check out for a way to get set up w/ React (using dfx@0.5.7). I’m working on keeping those up to date as we move forward :).