Call a backend canister from different webserver

Let’s imagine I have a frontend application hosted on another web server and this frontend application wants to consume an IC backend container service.

Is this possible?

Thanks for any hint.

Is our other app client side or server side? If client side, then nothing changes, and a lot of people already use this paradigm (fleek, tonic, etc). Where you serve your app is irrelevant atm if all you do is client side.

If it’s server side then you’d need to include an agent in your server code to “talk” to IC canisters. So atm you’d probably want to use node (with some patches last I’ve checked) or rust or python (saw a beta stage repo going around). I don’t think there’s an agent for php yet. There might be one for Java.


I haven’t tried to use IC service from a frontend hosted on different server than IC itself, but I’m almost sure it must work. The frontend must just follow the API specifications just as a default IC frontend canister.

The easiest way would be to test :slight_smile:

Maybe try to host the frontend from dfx new [project_name] on some quick-to-deploy hosting service and deploy also the canisters (or only the service canister) to IC network and try it out.

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ok, thanks I will try it and keep this thread updated.

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