Public challenge to hack $ICP?

I’ve been thinking about how we can increase both trust and adoption of ICP tech. It is being marketed as unhackable, tamperproof etc. We can tell the people all we want but still the majority won’t believe or trust it being true. If we want ckBTC to become a new standard in crypto, people have to fully trust it being tamperproof. How can we gain this trust? By showing them!

What if we publicly offered a substantial bounty to challenge some of the best hackers all around the world to try and destroy ckBTC, the NNS or other products? I am aware of the bounty program but I am suggesting to publicly market bigger bounties. If institutions can truly trust on ICP, there should be no fear to lose any money. If DFINITY is not THAT sure, we should not market it as such a solution. Let’s not tell the people its unhackable, let’s show them.

Curious what the rest of the community and DFINITY think of this. Let’s spark a discussion.


Bump because post got a few likes but no replies. Anyone who liked or who is against wants to add to the discussion?

When I posted your thread internally, the consensus was pretty much that the bug bounty program is good enough. To word it a bit nicer: Your idea is good, but we think our time can be spent even better.


Just stumbled across this in one of our newsletters:

Bounties up to $50k looks pretty decent to me.