Dominic Williams is getting attention on YouTube

Interview with Dominic Williams by one of the biggest crypto influencer of YouTube , Bitboy Crypto , is the best thing could happened to ICP .Now,the truth about this project is revealed and everyone can hear it.Dom is at the peak.So big opportunity window for ICP is ahead .


:grimacing:I think so, but the basic situation of ICP needs to be solved.

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What situation? Is there anything on your mind other than “price go down”?

You can read this article

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Yeah, I agree. Release the seed neurons, let the price go to zero temporarily. Flush out all the people who have no faith in the project!

Just can you do it when I have some spare cash? :slight_smile:

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It is more like a technical stuff and not a marketing stuff.
Few months ago we could only dream this would happened.It is like a destiny took a bad player Sam and clear the water to ICP.
Gods gift.

And if you worried about issues with technicals,what other blockchain dont have it?

I agree with you. It’s not easy for us to get out of the fraud. I think what we should do now is to let those who do not believe out. It is because I believe in ICP technology that I have such a bold idea. This is also like others’ proof: ICP does not need people who do not trust technology, and ICP is not as powerful as you, right? We start from the bottom!


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