Providers Internet Identity

How many current identity providers are there at the moment? There is an excellent provider from Stoic (ic-stoic identity) and from Divinity itself. Interested in whether there is an example of integration into a web application from Psychedelic: Plug ( Internet identification)?

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Not sure if you’re asking for example usage but uses it.

If you’re looking for instructions on how to integrate with Plug there’s a guide here:

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Thanks Paul Young. I’ll take a look.

Have they made any progress on that since that was published? Their repo looks untouched in 6 months, and the text in bold below is pretty worrisome

but if you authorize your wallet with an application than that application can sign any canister message on your behalf.

How that’s acceptable, and how it is seen as an “excellent” provider, beats me. They seem to have lost their way in the nfthings rush, and forgot their initial plans.