A js-lib for ICP and compatible for current web3 system

There are many innovation that ICP brings us, like Identity and WASM full-stack developing experience.

However it is hard for current Web3 system to migrate their ecosystem components to ICP’s specs. There are still many components that using private keys storage solution to sign and login to some certain Dapps, such as Metamask, Truffle and more.
For example, to use Identity of ICP, end users may use Yubikey or hardwares with biometric to login, however they are so worried that one day they might get their hardware lost and may not recover the accounts they have. And there is another requirement that some users really rely on current “Wallet Signing” system to login the dapp.
We are thinking there might be a need to make a compatible bridge for current Web3 system, which might be a javascript lib that fits the ICP specs and be used to talk to “old world”. It’s under development and for now it’s implementing the keysmith of ICP. Here it is:


Thanks for contributing to the community! As a reference to anyone new to developing on the IC, these are the npm packages maintained by Dfinity:


Thanks @kpreacock,

Haven’t seen them open-source yet, I’ll be keep integrating them and try migrating the current Web3 system.

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