Issue with Stoic Identity

I’m struggling to integrate Stoic Identity to my application, does this issue talk to someone ? Signature couldn't not be verified when calling a local canister · Issue #7 · Toniq-Labs/stoic-identity · GitHub

Invalid delegation: Invalid canister signature: IcCanisterSignature signature could not be verified: public key 0a000000000000000701017a64cedc008f2dcb5f08fffc8dfaed81b7b741875d548aae8fd7d4caa7d901ab

My actor have been created with a StoicIdentity and I get this error everytime I call my canister.
@stephenandrews :pray:

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Nobody had the same problem when running the app locally and authenticating through stoic-identity ?

You might need to do this: sudograph/sudograph.ts at main · sudograph/sudograph · GitHub

await agent.fetchRootKey()

Only do this locally

Still have the same issue :frowning: . Thanks for your help.

My error was authenticating stoic-identity with my Internet Identity account. Doesn’t work in Local development. Had to generate a stoic account from a seed phrase.
Hope this helps someone