🚀 proposals.network: a dapp to submit proposals on ICP

Hi everybody :wave:

I want to submit proposals on the IC but I dislike using CLI, I’m a frontend kind of guy, so I built https://proposals.network :rocket:

The dApp features an intuitive built-in wizard and editor to guide you through crafting your motion proposal. Keyword “No save button”. All logic operates within a web worker, and data is saved as you progress.

It requires attaching a hotkey to your principal for the proposal to be submitted and linked to your neuron. This means you don’t need to transfer the required 10 ICP for submitting a proposal somewhere which I personally find great.

However, it’s important to note that I am the controller of the smart contract, so your trust in me is essential.

But who knows, if this small project gains traction, we might launch an SNS and introduce additional features like staking neurons within the dApp.

Currently, it supports “only” NNS, but extending it to Snses isn’t a huge task – I’m on it! If you’re also hoping for support for other types of proposals, just let me know.

Contributions are very welcome, of course, it’s open source! (repo on GitHub)

You may already have noticed the unusual proposal I submitted last night, therefore we can be sure it works out.

Last but not least, I’ve obviously crafted it with Juno. :wink:

I hope this project is cool and useful to you too. Let me know what you think!

PS: I cannot update GIF/Video on the website due to the size limitations but, here few screenshots and you can find a demo recording in this tweet.


Awesome! This is a much needed UI!


I love it and I honestly think this should be part of NNS at some point.


This is so cool @peterparker!

What are your future plans for it?

I’d love to see (optional) profiles for the “proposal” field. It would be nice to be able to better differentiate which proposals come from the Dfinity team, which ones come from anonymous contributions, etc

Great job on this!


Thank you! I’ll add support for submitting motion proposals for Snses. For any other features, I welcome contributions / PRs.

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Nice, I will be keeping an eye on this. It will definetly be interesting to see how SNS projects will use this :sunglasses:

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Hi everybody :wave:

proposals.network now supports submitting SNS motion proposals as well :rocket:

One UX feature I personally like (see screenshot below) is the unfiltered listing of proposals you submit, whether they’re for Snes or ICP - it’s pretty cool to have an overview of everything.

Also, to give it a real test, I submitted a ‘Test proposal’ to OpenChat. Feel free to reject it: https://nns.ic0.app/proposal/?u=3e3x2-xyaaa-aaaaq-aaalq-cai&proposal=587

Merry Xmas :christmas_tree:


nice update @peterparker!

Question: are there any plans to add Aliases to neuron proposal ID’s, so there is a name and some form of “official identification” on the Proposer field instead of just a random number?

What is the current approach to avoid bad actors from impersonating Dfinity or SNS projects and trying to slip in harmful proposals?

This is not directly related to proposals.network but seemed like a good place to ask these questions :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking! Well, to speak frankly, I’ve got absolutely no clue what are the answers to your questions. :sweat_smile:

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