Proposal to unify app subnet types

Hello community,

As many of you are aware, at launch, subnet capacity was limited to system canisters and early production applications on “verified app subnets.” This subnet type was created to protect resource consumption, as well as offer lower compute and storage costs for these early apps during the earliest days of the Internet Computer network. More information on the configuration of verified app subnets can be found in the source code here.

Since launch, app subnet capacity has significantly increased from 6 to 18 subnets via proposals submitted to the NNS, including the public app subnets that were created for general use by the developer community on June 14th.

Now that many of the early dapps and services are well-established and subnet capacity has increased, based on feedback from the Internet Computer community, we plan to submit a proposal to the NNS to unify the app subnet types by the end of this week.

Unifying verified and public app subnets will (1) make it easier for developers to build on the Internet Computer by removing the need to submit a proposal to the NNS for verified app subnet authorization; and (2) offer reduced compute and storage costs to all developers.

For developers and teams already running on verified app subnets, there is no need for action and you can continue to run on these subnets. Should the proposal be accepted, all future subnets will be created as public app subnets.

In just a few weeks, your feedback has helped the Internet Computer network continue to rapidly scale and become more efficient and easier to use.

Thanks again for your continued support, and we’re excited to see the ecosystem continue to grow!


This is certainly a great decision and win-win for app developers in the ecosystem. Cant wait for NNS to adopt this !!