Proposal to become a Node Provider

Hi everyone,

We are corporate entity in South Korea, considering an application to ICP node provider. Since current node providers are heavily located in N. American and Europe, we believe a new node in S. Korea will bring the greater decentralization of ICP network

We would like to know more details on application process and hardware info. We filled out node provider self declaration in pdf, but can’t find the way to submit it. Also, we are trying to figure out which hardware spec (Gen 1/ Gen 2) to choose for the smoother node operation



I asked internally, and I was pointed to this article and to tell you to contact


Hi @henryA , great to hear you are interested in becoming a Node Provider. I am happy to tell you more about the details of the Gen2HW and what steps it takes to become a Node Provider. If you can direct message me, we can set up a call.