[Proposal] Jerry Banfield - Known Neuron

My friends, it’s me Jerry Banfield :wave:

This is a proposal to create a Known Neuron for anyone watching my videos to easily follow my votes :muscle:

I have made hundreds of videos in the last year on YouTube and X which have introduced hundreds of thousands of viewers to Internet Computer many of which would like to follow my neuron for voting based on the research I do each day on ICP.

Since the end of 2023, my neuron has voted on 1999/2000 proposals which is 99.95% participation and always voted in the interest of the community.

Why create a Known Neuron?

For the last 9 months, viewers in my community have been copying and pasting my neuron ID from my OpenChat or IDGeek to follow my votes because I’ve taken months to consider whether I want to make a known neuron and commit to indefinitely voting both for myself and on behalf of followers. After months of consideration, I am ready to setup the known neuron and continue to participate in the NNS governance indefinitely.

What topics will I vote on?

Everything! If I do not feel I have the technical capability to make the best decision on a particular proposal, I will wait to see if Dfinity votes in the first two days of a proposal and if they do not, I will read the forums here to make the choice that is in the best interest of the community here.

Neuron Control

The neuron will be my sole responsibility indefinitely. If I am unable to vote for any reason, my neuron is set to follow Dfinity on every category.

I appreciate you considering this request and expect to make the proposal within a week of this post! To verify this is account is legit, I will link this post and the proposal in my OpenChat neurons channel which is linked on my website at jerrybanfield.com as well as make the proposal from the neuron I show on my videos.

Jerry Banfield


Awesome. Thanks for doing this Jerry. I’m sure you will do a great job and serve your community well.

Your strategy for voting on all topics including the technical topics caught my attention. If you have any interest in following people and organizations that perform reviews and vote independently on some of this technical topics, then you can find some of them in this thread liked below over the next several weeks. DFINITY is offering a new grant program to incentivize people with the right skills to perform these reviews and vote independently. This grant program is intended to help advance decentralization of the NNS on technical topics. Perhaps it would provide additional options for you to consider.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing your known neuron proposal soon. Thanks for giving us advanced notice as well as suggestions for evidence how the community can validate your information and the authenticity of your proposal.


great. looking forward to see your nueron in NNS



Is this not your known neuron already?

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I’m not sure what is means what you showed but his nueron is not on the list when you can follow a nueron in NNS

What list?

sgrrb-ulkpp-klsew-3ko4z-hahq5-k33gt-x4wj2-nxqpi-5ppkb-26xod-yae is labeled as Jerry Banfield and has 3,333 ICP like he always shows.

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vpgeek lists neuron IDs that they know from the ICP community, but they call them Public neurons. It could be that people tell them the neuron IDs directly or they get it from socials and websites.

Known neurons are the neurons that are listed in the NNS dApp that have been designated after an NNS proposal to become a known neuron is passed. When you go to configure Followees in the NNS dApp, they show up in the drop down list as named neurons instead of neuron IDs.


yup. perfectly explained @Kick1776

It is only on idgeek not the actual NNS


People should vote for themselves. Having a fallback for when they are unable to or just miss a vote is fine. There are already plenty neurons to follow.

Hey Jerry, :wave: happy to see you here on the forum.

As someone who’s taking the dive to set up a named neuron you obviously take governance seriously :slight_smile: Do you have any thoughts about this conversation I’ve been having with @dfxjesse about the responsibility of named neurons to behave responsibly?

You may also find this topic that I’ve just posted interesting → Do U C What IC? 👀 IC Proposals that mislead... and a 10,000 ICP Giveaway!

Let me know your thoughts if you have the time.

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Proposal is now live on the NNS NNS Dapp

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Looks good, I am sure this will help.

What if there’s no information on the forum for you to base this decision on, such an IC-OS election proposal where nobody else has shared their review yet (or verified the build)?

I think we need to avoid another one of these incidents (or similar). Getting your take on this will probably be useful for many voters on your proposal.

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Presenting someone’s vote in NNS as an “incident” is just weak. Each neuron has its own controller, not everyone has to vote on every category of governance proposals alone, can be guided by the opinions of others - that’s what democracy is all about.
@jerrybanfield has been in our community for a long time. He may be a bit “crazy” but he makes really good content about ICP that attracts the community :muscle:
I don’t see why we should reject him!

I’m only asking for more details about how he intends to vote…

I like Jerry, but I’d definitely reject this proposal if he is open to the idea of blindly accepting unverified changes to the protocol that the entire IC runs on. I wouldn’t expect that he is. In my opinion there’s no excuse for that (if everyone did that we’d be in a right mess). I’d still like Jerry even if this is his stance, I just wouldn’t be personally prepared to accept his proposal :sweat_smile: That’s all.

The point of named neurons is to aid decentralisation. There’s responsibility attached to that. This is why I’m asking.


It’s all in his post. After 2 days, a whole host of reviews are available, so there’s no need to worry about that.
You used my vote as an example of blind voting and then asked if he would follow me (for example). I’m glad you ask for details, but to accuse me of being irresponsible and setting as a bad actor is just not fair.

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I agree it’s not fair in the sense that we are all used to the status quo of just voting even if it’s automated or pencil whipped. That’s what everyone is used to and finds acceptable. I hope that this philosophy changes over the next years though. The cool thing about the new grant program is that it should make it easier to identify people who are actively performing the work of reviewing specific proposal topics. It would be great to see all known neurons consider either participating in the program or following others that do. It’s seems like there might actually be a possibility to start improving decentralization if the community embraces that opportunity. Hence, from that perspective it’s really cool that newer people like Alex who are engaging in the governance community are asking these kinds of questions. We won’t change unless we start thinking about these questions.

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Hi Jerry!
Thank you for doing this. I also vote on everything, well, I think everything. If it appears on my page, as actionable, then I take action. :slightly_smiling_face: But maybe I’m missing out on some things? :thinking:

I dont have the time too ensure I am always voting. But I want my vote to be made. I think the idea of known people Neurons could be a very important idea.

Jerry I support your motion. I would feel better sending my votes to your name if you helped me know what you are about. Do I “feel” like jerry is someone who will vote like me?