(Problem solved) Internet Astronauts NFT project


If anyone else is having problems linking their wallet id for whitelisted airdrop try sending it to:


IASC_SUPPORT was helpful in getting it fixed quickly.

… and I wasn’t banned, it was a technical problem with the discord server out of their control.


They had a whitelist for early supporters who invited x-amount of people to their discord and and other participation metrics. I followed and participated in their discord, got whitelisted and never got a clear notification to link principal id. When I tried to link principal ID for airdrop it never replied so I thought it may have needed something manual on their side, when I went to check back I was told by people who were not a part of the project that they closed the ability for whitelisted people to link principal ID.

When I asked for official reply after not seeing anything specific about it in the announcements I was banned. So I went to Twitter and it seems to be a pattern to ban whitelisted people who helped build their community early on.

No real interaction to any of their twitter posts either.

It seems like they’re trying to make it appear like a public airdrop, but it’s more of a insider-only thing. Anyone else have the same experience, was anyone actually able to get their principal linked? … and did they receive grant money?


If they received grant money, is there anyone that can twist their arm to allow whitelisted people to actually register their Principal ID’s being that a lot of people couldn’t and at least a few people that were whitelisted got banned from their discord for no good reason?

(Check the comments on their twitter posts)

There’s still a few days before launch and from an artistic standpoint I really liked them :confused:

Now myself and least a few early supporters can’t even stay up to date with the project after putting in the effort to get whitelisted.

Hello, Chris.
Firstly, its all real interactions. Secondly this is not a “airdrop” Internet Astronauts going to be given top active users of various dApp platforms, and early whitelisted supporters.
We have collected wallet ID’s between 22-29 September. All the announcements was “very clear notifications for link principal IDs”.
At 27 September, it announced that IASC going to be given to top community members and early whitelisted users for zero cost and we keep collecting wallet ID’s till old launch date of 29 September.
So bascily, it was a reward for the users who send their wallet ID’s to buy one IASC at 29 September. You should have send your wallet ID at given dates which was very clear.
Nobody got ban for no reason and it’s really obvious that what you are trying to do here.
Have a nice day.

I’ve seen multiple accounts of whitelisted people getting banned from your discord on Twitter and not knowing why, myself included.

Seems pretty tacky when we were early, jumped through hoops to invite people and participate, and were genuinely excited for it and kept up with the project for over a month.

Don’t see why you can’t manually fix a situation like that, you’re free to run your project however you wish, but it seems seedy seeing other people having the same problem as me and confused about it.

What am I trying to do exactly? Look at how many people are saying the same thing as me on Twitter on your pages most recent post with no reply from the team.

We just wanted to be on the mint list for a project we supported from the start, doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

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Yes, around 140 people in same situation, due spam, advertise and keep asking to verification of their principal ID’s that send after launch date of 29 September 16.00 UTC.
If you think there was some mistake, there is IASC Support on the channel, you can write with another account and we will be happy to help.

Never seen a project ban so many early whitelisted members and it’s evident for anyone that looks at Twitter comments that go unaddressed.

When I asked the same question in the group others were asking it got me banned.

Your whitelist process didn’t work.

Participated in Starverse, ICPunks, Infinity Frogs, ICPuppies, and have so far had a great experience with them…

I feel like you guys got what you wanted from us, our invites and community-building, then banned us.

If you think there was some mistake, there is IASC Support on the channel, you can write with another account and we will be happy to help. Thanks!

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Problem solved.

IASC_SUPPORT was helpful and they were able to get my account fixed and wallet linked up with IASCBOT 2.