Is BigMap once again on the DFINITY roadmap?

I noticed on the post-genesis roadmap that BigMap is once again on the roadmap for this year.

In fact, the Q2 2022 deliverable calls it:

Canister forking & BigMap

but the Q3 2022 deliverable calls it:

Big Map

Not sure why it’s on there twice, but this is super exciting if indeed DFINITY is working on this again.

(FWIW, you guys released a sample Motoko implementation mid last year as well as a Rust BigMap POC at the end of last year, but my understanding is that neither are “production ready”.)

Can someone clarify? Thanks.


The map is so big, it had to be there twice :smiley:

I’ll see myself out


Good catch. I think this may be an oversight. Let me find out.

Did you happen to find out? Thanks.

Yes, sorry the roadmap was updated, but i did not update the thread:

BigMap is slated for Q3.


Thanks for checking. Hope more details come out in the coming months. Seems like it could be really useful as an an “infinite” asset canister for storing an unbounded number of photos or videos.

I’m against canisters for storing media. It’s so much wasted potential. It’s like sticking your videos in your MongoDB database. Technically you could do it. But there’s a reason object storage exists.

You are making an assumption here that your media is static. In that case, sure, the IC is maybe overkill. But if your media is dynamic or responds to external context at all then the IC is a great place to store your content. Even something as simple as a Private or permissioned nft benefits from having compute on top of your storage.

True. But that’s probably the minority use case. Most projects are being forced to use canister storage for object storage. We need a better mechanism that’s cost and latency effective when compared to traditional CDNs for media storage