Permanent APIs on Programmable web

I have been reading over Dom’s midium article on Programmable web as I find it very interesting. Here is the description:

Reversing this situation is a key purpose of the Internet Computer, which is bringing back the programmable web in a new and far more powerful and impactful form, by enabling hosted open internet services to publish non-revokable, “permanent” APIs. Essentially, this involves their developers marking shared functions as permanent, which ensures that if their controlling governance systems try to push a software upgrade that would remove or change them, it will automatically fail.

Regarding the Permanent API, are there currently any measures or functions to implement a Permanent API?

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You can remove all controllers or blackhole a canister. Otherwise I don’t think we have anything of that sort

Thank you for your response.
I know you are making an effort not to arbitrarily reject APIs, but is it still difficult to create a “Programmable Web” even with the current IC? I think it is at least possible to prevent some product people from controlling the API by voting on SNS, so I hope that we can get as close as possible by leaving it to the good sense of the community.

That, plus on the IC you have to somehow make sure that canisters don’t run out of cycles, otherwise they get deleted. Of course there’s a number of ways to do that, but there has to be some mechanism - otherwise even the strictest interface limitations don’t help you

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