Non-revokable APIs

From the FAQ - “…share their user data and functionality with other internet services using permanent APIs that can never be revoked, eliminating “platform risk”…”

I’ve been tinkering around a bit, but where does this actually come into play? At least on my local instance (which might be the explanation) I can blow away all methods in my canister. When I deploy to the tungsten network, does it verify I’m not removing any APIs during upgrades?

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@Steve That’s a great question. I just asked around, and it sounds like there will be a feature where the original canister author can basically abdicate their ownership over it, making it uncontrolled by anyone, and preventing future deploys that might change its behavior. You may hear this referred to as unsetting the canister’s ‘controller’. It’s not live yet, but someone’s working on it targeting the Sodium launch on September 30, 2020.


Thanks for the explanation, that actually sounds really neat. Sounds like teams could work on a project, iteratively build out features and then “lock” the project. Awesome!