Permanent blockchain data

Been diving into IC for the last couple days and im trying to wrap my head around data persistence. My mindset for blockchain/smart contract programming has been data/contracts are there forever, but with Dfinity one can just uninstall a canister/clear all the data with a re-install.
Is there a model for traditional blockchain storage or is that where another blockchain can be utilized to store data that needs to be permanent?

as I know

  1. you can use stable variables with upgrade Stable variables and upgrade methods :: Internet Computer
  2. files can be stored on another blockchain as Filecoin and keep the reference
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After more research it seems that with an SNS controlling a dapp, it can be treated as immutable unless voted to change

you mean “immutable”? another option: Trust in canisters :: Internet Computer

Thanks. Very cool. Essentially just give away ownership of the canister