Overshooting ONE server

If I have a Dfinity website where the load (assume only the CPU load) overshoots 100% capacity of ONE server, what happens? Will it automatically start using another server to do it’s work? Will I have to upload the code for the website to THAT server as well?
What about disk? If there is some data being stored on the backend, say a database, when that fills up the disk capacity of the server, can it “grow onto” ANOTHER server on the Dfinity network? I assume more hosting charges are payable for this? Does this happen “auto”, or do I have to do something?


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The Internet Computer distributes computation and storage across many machines. It does this in such a way that the machines are very unlikely to get bogged down. That said, it can happen from time to time, so there are mechanisms to provide back-pressure.

Check out this YouTube video for a high-level understanding of the platform’s capabilities.