OptiSwapGames - BulldogBlast

Greetings, ICP world!

The OptiSwap pro team has a strong track record of innovation on Ethereum, with original research and products specialized for uniswap v2 tax-on-transfer tokens.
Our users enjoy our smooth swap utility, and our community campaign-based contracts.
Our GroupLP product helped organize the HOGE community to more than double their liquidity during the bear market.

We’ve been waiting a long time for what we consider the holy grail of crypto gaming technology : to allow crypto tokens to be used in multiplayer arcade games. On-chain game logic brings a new standard of provable fairness, and bringing real-world value within a game can potentially increase the player’s experience with heightened risk/reward.
The market could be massive as various token communities look for new utilities besides just trading and speculation.

The IC network is perfect for proving this concept, as the only blockchain capable of serving a front-end bundled with smart contracts.
With the support of DFINITY we created a reference architecture and example game called Bulldog Blast. Token integration is currently pulled under the hood until ETH integration is complete.

Users queue up to join games. Turns are on a 5-second clock to allow a window for everyone to send their next move to the network. Then the game physics are executed and the new game state is finalized. The effect is a semi-realtime action game. We hope this demonstration helps push the limits of multiplayer arcade performance and physics simulation!