One person should assigned by dfinity to answer on forum

Dear Dfinity team,

It is good if you assigned moderator for this forum (platform).

So people could get direct access to dfinity and misconception can remove.

Dfinity team is always responding to proposals, questions and concerns, sometimes slow sometimes fast. Depends on the topic that is being discussed.

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Hi there I’m not sure I understand your intent, so I want to confirm. Are you saying that answers are not replied to fast enough? Is that the main problem you intend to solve?

In my experience, Dfinity staff is all I’ve the forum and very active, but maybe you see something different? What do you think?

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People can not able to find that the answer is from dfinity hand or user is answering

Oh, I see.

You are saying because it’s not easy to know if a person answering is from DFINITY or just another person. Few question:

  1. Would it help if user badges were more visible? There is a DFINITY user badge for example: Profile - diegop - Internet Computer Developer Forum

  2. Do you think that would separate DFINITY staff too much from other community members?

What. do you think?

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We can actually make it more obvious since a recent update:

It’s somewhere in the profile settings

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Thank you @Severin . I have gone through dozens of user profiles of dfinity staff and added the title so it is more obvious in the future. Does that help @tariqmansuri ?

note I added it to my own profile as well.


Thanks for your reply friend

Yeah that is a good option for identification

E.g Symbol of dfinity as you have mentioned

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