NNS Voting Issue

Is anybody else having weird issues voting on the NNS right now? Every time I vote the page reloads and it still shows my Neuron with the blue checkbox next to it.

I managed to get a vote through about an hour ago but I’m repeatedly now and it’s not going through. Testing with 69390 and 69391 but no luck.

Tried cache refresh / restarting browser, hasn’t worked.


212 million voting power? Are some votes counting twice?

Weird lag + 10 million extra voting power = something may be up. This is like when you could duplicate items in Diablo 2 when it got laggy.

That’s weird, is that a new issue or you have it since a couple of days?

There was no new release of NNS-dapp since last release/proposal 10 days ago, so if this issue is happening as of today, I would spontaneously rule out an issue with the frontend dapp and search the issue elsewhere.

In addition, I just voted successfully in production for proposals 70078 and 70124 - i.e. did not faced the error you are describing, my votes were cast correctly.

Looking forward to get to know if it’s a new or existing issue :thinking:.

UI wise - i.e. lag, see above answer. Regarding the numbers, I’ll forward the question.

It happened for about 30 minutes earlier, but then resolved itself. Could have been a temporary spike of usage on the subnet or something. Voting is working perfectly right now.

Glad to hear it is working fine right now even if the issue remains a bit weird to me.

There are no reload implemented on the UI side of the voting screens therefore even with temporary spike of usage or something else, unexpected reload is quite surprising. You never had the issue before right? Anything new in your today’s configuration (browser, os, plugins, etc.)?

So there are two issues here, thanks for reminding me about the second one.

The page does randomly reload every so often, but that’s unrelated to what happened today. About 3 seconds after the voting page loads it’ll just refresh. Happens a handful times a day.

What happened today was that I voted and it didn’t go through. Reloaded the page manually and the checkbox and neuron was still there. Tried hard refreshing, voting about 10 times on different proposals and it didn’t work at all.

Then after 30 minutes the problem went away. Seemed like a temporary load spike was rejecting calls but the front end wasn’t aware of the failure.

Thanks for raising the concerns. Could you elaborate on a few things?

  1. Why do you think 212 million suggests that some votes are counted twice?

Please note that voting power (which is recorded here) is computed for each neuron based on its stake, its age, and its dissolve delay. So indeed, if a neuron has staked 1 ICP it can have voting power of 2. Maybe this is what you meant by “counted twice”?
Also, there are regularly proposals where ballot with more than 400’000’000 voting power are sent (see for example here: Internet Computer Network Status).

  1. What you mean by “10 million extra voting power”? To what are you comparing this (i.e., “extra” in comarison to what) and where do you take the 10mio from?
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I think it was just a co-incidence. I was trying to vote and it wasn’t letting me, so I started spamming it…

and then it showed 212 million votes. If you check the history there’s only been a maximum of 202-203m over the past few weeks. I just thought the issues were related because they happened within seconds of each other.

Maybe I’m just used to janky PHP code that you can exploit by spamming F5.

Also there were a few 10 million votes on other topics… so whoever it is is probably a real person and not a bug. Just coincidence I guess.

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Gotcha, thanks for the details!

Oh I get what you mean here. I think I am aware of that side effect and even got a UI task in the backlog about it but, I did not knew it was happening so often! So I’ll propose the team to prioritize what I think can improve / solve this.

I see what you mean with “spike of usage”. I understand the lag had that annoying UI effect but vote wise, as the first vote only is cast, data are fine.

Being said, we’ve got another task open that we actually discussed this week which has for goal to review the user experience of the voting process. Right now when you vote, the spinner is displayed for quite a while which we always wanted to improve (if possible make the ux faster). I’ll add your feedback within that task so that we can treat it at the same time.

This has also been prioritized and implemented - i.e. I hope that this week’s PR (#1133) will solve this side effect. Might not make it in a proposal’s update for nns-dapp this week but, it goes forward.

A new version of NNS-dapp was proposed on mainnet and this should now be solved. If not the case, please let me know.