NNS showing empty neuron after merging two neurons

I Merged two neurons yesterday. Now the NNS front end is showing me the neuron that resulted from the merge (which is fine), but it’s also showing me an empty neuron as well. See screenshot below:

I forwarded the question to my colleagues that know “neurons” better than me. We’ll come back to you.

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Please see this note: If merging leaves behind empty neurons, read this! - #4 by jwiegley


Thanks for the share, I forgot about that post! (bookmarked now)

This bug is still not fixed?? the same error still appears on my neurons every day🤦

It is not a bug, even though it manifests as an unfortunate behavior. The neuron you merged FROM still earns interest because of the proposals it had voted on.

Transferring this “interest” to the merge target would technically be a new feature, and it’s a lot more complex than it sounds from this simple description, unfortunately.