If merging leaves behind empty neurons, read this!

Hello to all multiple neuron holders!

You may have noticed that we launched the ability to merge multiple neurons in the NNS Dapp. There is a medium article announcing this new functionality here: Internet Computer NNS Neurons Can Now Be Merged | by DFINITY | The Internet Computer Review | Apr, 2022 | Medium

I want to highlight a particular statement made at the very end of that article:

In the days following merging from a source neuron, it’s possible there will still be proposals open showing voting activity by that neuron. This means you may receive voting rewards in the form of maturity for that neuron over the next several days.

Here’s what is happening in the NNS that causes this:

  1. Every time a proposal is created, a “ballot” is made for every neuron you hold that has voting power. This reflects votes you may cast on that proposal, and guards against “buying voting power” after a proposal becomes known.

  2. When the proposal is finally closed, you earn a reward for your voting participation (if you voted, of course) based on your ballot.

  3. Now, when merging two neurons: we merge the neurons, but not the ballots. We don’t merge ballots because this would require changing proposal data that until now is fixed and read-only until the proposal is executed. We deemed the security risk of making this aspect of proposals “changeable” to be higher than the education problem of dealing with dangling neurons.

Fortunately, the solution is easy: Wait until one week after you merge your neurons, then merge them again if they re-appear in your list of neurons on the NNS Dapp. Any bits of maturity remaining (even if it is too small to appear as a percentage) will be transferred, and thereafter the source neuron will truly be at zero stake and maturity and stay there — because it has no voting power, and cannot produce future ballots.

This issue is likely to affect everyone who merges neurons with voting power, and has been causing confusion on Twitter, Reddit, here, and elsewhere. So please link people to this post if you see the question being asked! We need to get the word out that everything is as expected, and nothing can be lost by merging your neurons.

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It’s working flawlessly ! Next step merging community neuron !

should i merge maturity before Merge two neuron?

It shouldn’t matter whether you merge maturity before or after.

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