Secure old neurons by allowing a temporary neurons' controller change

Given the last thread created by @lastmjs, @dostro and @Litzi, I red again the previous thread. There, we were several discovering the necessity of not staking significative amount of ICP within a neuron created through II (it was before the existence of Ledger Hardwallet integration). There, @timo had said :

And @LightningLad91 had answered :

Here is my point : even after the improvement of the II proposed by @lastmjs, @dostro and @Litzi, the need for securing icp staked into these old neurons will stay entire. Since the community globally wants to prevent the sale of neurons, why not allow only temporarily a neurons’ controller change, just enough to make people able of relocating their old unsecured neurons under the controlling of their Ledger Hardwallet ? By doing this, the first stakers could benefit of the Hardwallet security.

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