NNS dapp new light and dark themes 🌗

Hello brightness and darkness my old friends :grin:

Ten days ago we shared some questions and ideas we have for the future of the UI/UX of NNS-dapp (see post) . As the feedback of the community was positive (:pray::smiley:), we went on and proposed today on mainnet a new version that introduces a brand new “light” theme and a “dark” mode which had been fully reviewed.

You will notice some changes in colors, cards, shadows, menu etc. Hope you will like it and your feedbacks are as always most welcomed!



It’s nice! Only it would be great to change the grey collors to something more modern. In dark mode the grey background is the same like before.
It looks to basic in my opinion, change that ugly collor for the sake of everones eyes, please! :pray:
For the rest, it can pas. But basic, modern ages = modern collors :wink:

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Not sure removing the darker background for each section in the neuron management was a good idea. What do you think?

I think the idea is to have two themes that generally work for everybody but will pass the message. Being said, we technically implemented the frontend app in a way that it can support more than two themes, so who knows, maybe in the future there will be more than two including one with more funky colors :wink:.

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To be honest with you, I actually rather like it that way. I’ve been using it for a couple of days now and feel like it’s more clear for me. But of course, only my two cents, UI perception has something of personal taste. Let me know after a bit if it works for you better or not ok?