Newbie question. Is possible host a ethereum node(validator) on icp network?

For the start i have to say it, i invest 10 procent of my income every month in 8 year non dissolving, i want to know if is possible to host an ethereum node or other blockchain node on icp network (run a validator)
This is possible now, after etehereum integration or never? What about other blockchain node?
I read somewhere that in the future if everything is going normal we can run any node or server on icp network. this is real or fake?
maybe this is a stupid question, i’m still learning , butt a little answer will help me a loot .

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Definitely not quite possible now, but should become possible over time as more features are released such as http, Ethereum integration, and other networking protocols.


Why is anybody paying attention to this post? wouldn’t it be a MASTER MOVE making ICP able to host ethereum nodes?

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Would be great to have a team member explain if this is a possibility. I’m also very curious about this.

What if any blockchain would decide to drop Amazon cloud and come be hosted on icp, can it be done?

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The answer @lastmjs is still correct.

Look at the Bitcoin integration. There is no full node on the IC here as well. There is light client validation logic, but it is also not implemented as a regular canister (although I’m pretty sure this would have been possible), and the integration on a network level is achieved by running a regular Bitcoin node alongside the replica.