New place for dfx feature requests

Hello everyone!

Short version:

  • We now collect dfx feature requests over at sdk/discussions
  • Please upvote features that are important to you
  • We can use the upvotes to prioritise features
  • It’s also ok to request features here on the forum, but I will then create a mirror of the post over at sdk/discussions

Longer version:
For quite a while now the issues page for dfx was an absolute mess. Old tickets, blue-sky feature discussion, normal feature requests, and actual bug reports were mixed in one place. We decided to clean it up a bit. Now, sdk/issues (almost) exclusively holds real bug reports. Old tickets are removed, and feature requests moved to Discussions.

Moving to GitHub Discussions has two main benefits: First, it has an upvote system which allows an easy view of what features are most requested. Please upvote the features that are most important to you. Second, it contains support for some threading, which makes it much easier to discuss specific aspects of a feature request.

Of course, starting discussions here in the forum is still allowed, but I will take the liberty of converting those into discussions as well so that we have one place where the requests live and can be prioritised.