Release Notes for V0.6.3

Hello everyone!

V0.6.3 of the SDK is now available for download :rocket: :partying_face:

The 0.6.3 release only includes the following minor fixes and enhancements:

  • The dfx start --clean command has been improved to no longer crash if you run the command in a project that is already in a clean state.
    Without this fix, manually removing the directories the command is intended to delete would result in dfx exiting without restarting the Internet Computer.
  • The parsing logic for the dfx canister call command has been improved to more consistently recognize arguments in Candid format and to return better error messages when argument formats are not recognized.
  • The Welcome page displayed when you create a new project has been updated to reflect the current location of SDK and Motoko documentation.

As a reminder, you can find more details on our recent releases on the SDK website and in our docs repository.