New Node Provider Proposals

Dear all,

We would like to proceed with proposal to enable rewards for Zagreb datacenter ( EDIT: Proposal: 130325 - ICP Dashboard) in accordance we published our invoices dating back to previous year and as seen in proposal published above New Node Provider Proposals - #151 by Anonstake we have established a datacenter in Zagreb prior to topology being reached and run nodes with active subnet.
We however have not received any rewards because we did not submit proposal to set rewards for nodes in Zagreb.

We hope everyone will adopt this proposal and we look forward to any feedback from you in the meantime.

Team at Anonstake


Hi ICP Community :wave:,

Some of you may already know me from my previous posts in this thread, other threads or from meeting me at the NP ICP Lab in May.

I am happy to say that I’m finally making a post in this thread for its intended purpose :sweat_smile: - I’m announcing my intention to become a Node Provider!

I know the IC is currently at its target topology, but I want to start on whatever steps I can in the meantime.

This proposal will also serve as a test for a new UI I built for node provider proposals, which is a minor extension to @peterparker’s awesome project: :sparkles:.

When the topology allows for more nodes to onboard onto the network, I’m keen on setting up nodes in Thailand, the Philippines, or New Zealand, as these areas currently have few or no nodes planned.

I’ll update this thread when the proposal is up for voting, probably later this week.

Thank you all!

Kind regards,


I’ve been waiting for that message for quite some time. :wink:

Awesome, Louise! :+1:

P.S. Ping me if there is anything to adjust quickly in order to submit your proposal. Thanks a lot again for your contributions!


Hi all,

I just submitted my proposal to register as a Node Provider using

The proposal (proposal #130774) is now live for voting, and I kindly ask for your support to vote to adopt :white_check_mark:.

If you have any questions of concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Kind regards,

P.S. If you’re thinking about registering as a Node Provider too, try using by @peterparker. You can also submit motion proposals through there too!


Dear community,

We would like to adopt our Proposal: #131001 to enable rewards for 2 purchased nodes dated last year invoice. We have established in rg1 datacenter prior to topology has been reached. We had approved 10 node allowance for now we will keep operating 5 nodes in this datacenter, until new topology emerges. We hope you can adopt this proposal, thank you all.
Rokas Ambrazaitis
MB Patrankos šūvis team


My name is Anton Verigin, and I am representing AiNodes. We provide reliable nodes and efficient staking services for enterprises and Web3 users.

We are interested in proposing our services as a node provider for ICP.

Given that our business model is unique and offers a distinct approach, we would appreciate the opportunity to have a preliminary discussion with a representative from the ICP team.

This discussion will allow us to better understand the project’s current needs and evaluate the applicability of our business model to the Internet Computer before we present our proposal to the community.

Could we schedule a call to discuss this in detail?

Best regards,
Anton Verigin, BDM, AiNodes.

Hello @SvenF !

Can we discuss the proposal before publishing it? The main idea is to provide significant marketing support from our side along with setting up a node in exchange for delegating tokens to our node.


Hi all,

I have two active proposals that are part of relocating an existing node from one DC (ny2) to another DC (fm1) that we already have nodes in. Some background information is available in this forum post.

Part of the relocation process means removing the old node and registering a new one under the new DC with a new node ID. Therefore, I’ve submitted proposal 131048 to remove rewarding the old, inactive node. I have also submitted proposal 131011 to begin rewarding the new node. These two proposals will correct the NNS reward schedule to accurately reflect our present situation.

I would appreciate your support in getting these two proposals passed. If you have any questions about either, please don’t hesitate to reach out.



NoviSytems, LLC