Question on some of the recent node provider proposals

Hi, I noticed something while I was voting on the nns and I wanted to double check this isn’t something bad that’s slipping through. Basically I noticed proposal 59578 was proposed by 7313233553905789901 a neuron created this month that has created 3 proposals during this month:

59578 Update config of Node Operator: gmjgz
58537 Add gmjgz as a Node Operator of Node Provider: srga3
58529 Add node provider: srga3-cikqa-srnxx-rwejf-672jj-5o6qy-tuzsa-khds3-2ofjw-5gnew-mae

I looked back at previous “Add node provider” and “Node Admin” proposals and they were all done by very low numbered neurons (in the 30s and 40s).

From my perspective it looks like a random new neuron is adding a new node provider, is this something to be expected? Or should we only be approving node provider proposals from established neurons. Is there a way to verify the random neuron trying to add a node is legit?



Hey @rusty.scrivens, great to see you being an active observer of the NNS proposals. And even being proactive and asking about suspicious activities. That is so great to see, please continue doing that!

Regarding the proposals above, these were submitted by me, as a part of the validation of the instructions for (decentralized) onboarding of new Node Providers, published some time ago on the IC wiki: Node Provider Onboarding - Internet Computer Wiki

The bottom line of the validation is that the instructions work, and there is an upcoming Medium post that will describe the activity and the process in more details!


Thanks for the reply @sat . That makes sense on where those came from.

Two related thoughts:

  • I see it mentions in the instructions you linked to, to have a link to the forum topic in the summary, which I think you might have skipped that step, but in my case it would have helped as one of the things I did was search the forums for “ic pros” but didn’t find any post about it.
  • Second thought is there’s no guidance on how or where to make a forum “announcement and discussion”. Might be useful to add that to the docs as a step. I’m assuming it’s recommended to make the forum post?


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Totally. I added these particular instructions (to link to the forum post) after posting the NNS proposal and raising some confusion. A forum post should have been made before submitting the proposal.

Agreed, some guidance or a template would be helpful. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try to put something together, but some community help would also be very welcome! If you have a few minutes, feel free to register on the wiki and suggest something. I’ll be happy to review and approve quickly.