New Node Provider Proposals

@Webgame it looks like there where not enough votes because the voting expired during the weekend, so you need to resubmit. I do not see a problem with the update of the node allowance itself.

Thanks, I’ll take a deep look into it first.

Welcome to the community, AVRVM team!

Wish you success for your exciting project!

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Hi everyone, I am writing to register as new data center in Melbourne, as an existing Node Provider We would like to add 8-10 nodes in Australia in the next 6 months.

You can find my new proposal here Proposal: 126027 - ICP Dashboard
Find us Node Provider: Bigger Capital - ICP Dashboard

CC. @SvenF

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Dear All

I hope this message finds you all in good health. I am writing to formally register as a Node Provider under Artem Horodyskyi . I would like to add (3) nodes in total in Czech Republic, Portugal and Spain.

You can find my new proposal to join the network by clicking on this link: Proposal Number (e.g. Proposal: 126003-IC Dashboard).

My self-declaration documents are also uploaded to the Internet Computer Wiki under Artem Horodyskyi - Internet Computer Wiki 7

Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am grateful for your support and votes in favor of accepting my proposal.

Thank you
Best regards

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Thank you very much for your reply. I checked the official document again and found that maybe I did not add the node_provider_id field. I added it again and applied for a new proposal. Thank you very much. Proposal: 126018 - ICP Dashboard

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Dear All,

Thanks for your support with our Node Provider proposal. We registered as a Node Provider under ZTLC PTE Ltd. , Planning to add 5-10 nodes in HongKong.

Please see our new proposal to join the network on the dashboard:

To check NP self-declaration documents: User:ZTLC PTE Ltd - Internet Computer Wiki

Hopefully,our team can contribute to ICP .

If Any questions or require further information, please contact with me. I am grateful for your support and votes in favour of accepting our

Best regards,
Olivia@ZTLC PTE Ltd

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Dear All,

I have added a new proposal to Register a Data Vault datacenter as NZ1 in Oceania,NZ,Hamilton. Please see my proposal here - Proposal 126071.

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Your support and votes to adopt my proposal would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,


Greetings. I live in Norway & would like to be a node provider. I saw there were no node providers in Scandinavian countries, apart from 1 NP which is in Sweden. I wonder if a node is really needed in Norway given the small population of 5million only? I have to admit that I am a total newbie on this so I have a lot to research and ask community members. But I believe in the Internet Computer Protocol long term vision.

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Hi IC family, just quick heads up, there are only 24 hrs left for our proposal to add data center in Melbourne, Australia. Proposal: 126027 - ICP Dashboard.

Plz help us to expand IC network


@SvenF Hello SvenF, my client mistakenly entered the value of NODE_PROVIDER_PRINCIPAL into NODE_OPERATOR_PRINCIPAL during step 8 of the Node Provider Onboarding process. Is it possible to modify it now?

Hi everyone, hope you guys have a nice thanksgiving holiday. As we mentioned before, we are planning adding 10 nodes in Australia. New Node Provider Proposals - #218 by kennethwwu

here is the proposal to add a new Node Operator: Proposal: 126110 - ICP Dashboard
You also can find us: Node Provider: Bigger Capital - ICP Dashboard

plz feel free to ask any question here and help us to expand IC network. thx
cc. @SvenF

GM GM community!

We have finally submitted our proposal regarding admission of AVRVM AG as a new node provider in the Internet Computer ecosystem. See here for the proposal on the IC dashboard.

See the introduction of AVRVM AG in our original post further above in this forum topic.

You can find the self declaration and proof of identity on the IC Wiki.

We hope to get accepted as a new node provider and are looking forward to contributing to the Internet Computer!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them here!

Yours sincerely,

Thank you for your favorable vote on our proposal. We’re looking forward to contributing to the Internet Computer ecosystem!

Hello all,

I’ve submitted my Self-declaration and Proof of Identity documentation to the IC Wiki, but it says it is pending review from moderation.

Can one of the Mods please assist? CC @SvenF

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@SvenF when verifiable credentials come to the IC, we should implement KYC / AML for node providers, and require that they sign up and pay for KYC / AML providers in their local jurisdiction.


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Two days left to vote on our proposal. Thanking you in advance.


Hi @C12 I have asked the moderators to follow up on this.

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Hi @dfisher that’s definitely a topic to be discussed in the future. The complexity will probably be how to set this up in a decentralized way. Do you have any ideas on this?

Dear all,

In order to improve the decentralization network, an optimization model was proposed on the forum (see node diversification part 1 and node diversification part 2) and also approved (see proposal 125367). Given a certain target topology, the model optimizes between node rewards (onboarding of additional new nodes and rewards for existing nodes) and decentralization, calculating the minimum number of additional node machines required in order to achieve specific decentralization targets. The basis for the optimization model is a target IC topology for the next 6 to 12 months that was approved by the community in proposal 125549 on 12th November 2023. This model sets targets for the number of Gen1 nodes and Gen2 nodes per subnet, and the decentralization coefficients (Nakamato coefficients) per subnet.

With the optimization model and target topology, there is an objective tool for the community to validate whether additional node machines add to the decentralization of the IC network, which is reproducible as well by other members in the community.

The Node Provider wiki page has been updated to include the steps for candidate node validation as part of the node onboarding process, and how to include the outcome of the validation process in the Node Operator Record. Please find the detailed description of the validation process on Validation of Candidate Node Machines - Internet Computer Wiki. The node candidate validation will be part of the submission of the Node Operator record, as described on Node Provider Onboarding - Internet Computer Wiki.

As always, please share any additions, updates and comments for discussion on this forum thread and/or wiki pages.


Hi Community!

There are just aboud 24 hrs left for our proposal Proposal: 126110 - ICP Dashboard, to add 10 more nodes in Australia area, plz help us to expand IC network, thanks!