New Node Provider Proposals

Hello Forum Members,

I trust this message reaches you all in good health. I am delighted to present AVRVM AG, a recently established provider of Internet Computer nodes. Our strategic plan involves commencing operations with one “data safe-haven” node located in a secure mountain bunker in Switzerland. This initial step paves the way for the expansion of twelve more nodes, to be donated to twelve non-profit organizations and universities in Switzerland within the next twelve months. Each organization will go through an independent onboarding process and provide a Self Declaration.

Our primary goal, as we collaborate with the ESG-friendly Internet Computer blockchain, is to promote the adoption of this technology within Switzerland.

In the spirit of transparency, our Self-Declaration and Proof of Identity documents are readily accessible through this link: AVRVM AG - Internet Computer Wiki. Additionally, our official website is hosted at http://www.AVRVM.SWISS.

I express my sincere appreciation to @Jan, @Christopher, @emilio.canessa, @dieter.sommer, @SvenF, and @diegop for their invaluable support and guidance during the onboarding process.

Best regards,

Yevhen Shot

Baarerstrasse 141,
6300 Zug, Switzerland


We have just submitted our proposal for adding AVRVM AG as node provider for the Internet Computer.

We greatly appreciate your positive vote on our proposal and are looking forward to contributing to the Internet Computer ecosystem!