New Node Provider Proposals

Hi all,

I would like to share that with the latest pipeline and node machines live, we have now reached the IC target topology, as can be seen from the graph below and verified using the latest data from the decentralization repository. This is an important milestone, as it means that for all subnets, there are sufficient Gen2 (SEV-SNP) node machines and Gen1 node machines the reach the targeted decentralization coefficients: subnet limit of 1 for node provider, data center, and data center provider, and subnet limit 2 or 3 per country (you can find more details see node diversification part 1, node diversification part 2, proposal 125367 and proposal 125549).

It also means that adding more new node machines to the IC network will not further improve the decentralization coefficients, so as agreed by the community the Foundation will reject any new node allowance proposals and node reward proposals except for the existing node onboarding pipeline. The pipeline contains node machines that have been ordered before 1st December (with evidence on the wiki page) and node machines that have added to the decentralization (with output of the optimisation tooling shared on the wiki page). Note that the IC being a decentralized network, the community may still decide to adopt specific proposals to add node machines.

In addition, in the future the community can also decide to update the IC target topology in line with further growth of the IC network in order to increase the number of required nodes and/or further improve decentralisation targets.

Let’s continue to work together to the further growth of the IC network.