IC Topology - target topology reached

Last year, the community has voted on an IC target topology with a maximum number of node machines, as well as on an optimization model to validate candidate node machines against this IC target topology. The IC target topology has been reached by December of 23, see for more information this forum post. This means that the IC network currently does not require any additional node machines in order to reach its decentralization targets. Therefore, DFINITY will not vote to adopt any proposals for new node machines being added to the IC network. Once the subnets are reaching capacity and more subnets are required to run all applications, the community may decide to increase the target topology again and allow additional node machines to the network.


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I’m not sure what is more strange. The fact that people keep on applying to be node providers in spite of the target topography being met, or the fact that all new node provider proposals begin with that sentence.



Hi David,

I see it as very positive for the community that people are submitting Node Provider proposals already despite target topology being reached. They are preparing and planning to onboard new node machines on the IC once there is a community decision that the target topology can be increased. It shows that the IC community is expanding.

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Thanks for sharing this update! It’s great to hear that the IC target topology has been achieved, indicating that the IC network is on track with its decentralization goals. I appreciate the clarity on DFINITY’s stance regarding proposals for new node machines. Looking forward to future discussions on increasing the target topology as needed to accommodate network growth.

DFINITY won’t vote to add new node machines to the IC network because the target topology has been reached, ensuring decentralization. Additional node machines may be considered in the future if more subnets are needed to run applications.

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Hey Sven, i understand that the team doesnt need more validators but is there enough geographic diversity? Im speakinf from a Australia & Fiji perspective.

Considering the way things are going and someone finally made a movie called CIVIL WAR. Shouldnt jonathan be thinking about getting more nodes in sunny australia where we hopefully wont get nuked or have redneck vs antifa style uprisings.

Please let me know.

Would be great tto know the topographical mad of the servers as well.

The way to find out information is leaving a lot to be desired with ICP team.

Hi @Visha, the topological map of node machines is visible on the internet computer dashboard. As you can see, the node machines are dispersed across the different regions, enough to meet the decentralization targets of the IC. Note also there are currently node machines in (amongst others) Australia, but having only node machines running in Australia will not help in decentralization of the IC network, node machines needs to be available in different countries, regions and data centers, and from different node providers.

As the decentralization targets were reached last year, the community has decided to no additional nodes machines are required for the time being. Hope this clarifies.

hi how do i withdraw my ICP from launchpad